My process starts by wedging or kneading the clay to prepare it for throwing on the wheel. Each pot is individually thrown and once ‘leather hard’, a foot is turned on the bottom or the bottom is turned to be smooth. Each pot is then carved, smoothed, and made ready for their first firing, the bisque firing (fired to 1080 degrees C). After taking them out of the kiln they are hard ceramic and are ready for colour. I brush underglaze on to the surface and use a sponge to take some away. At this point I also draw on some of the pots using an underglaze pencil and dip some of them in a clear glaze. The final step is the glaze firing (fired to 1260 degrees C).

I do not tend to make the same pieces twice so each pot is a unique piece of art.

If you are interested in seeing me in action and keeping up to date with my work out my instagram sarah.c.crafty and my Facebook Page Sarah Koetsier-Ceramics

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