Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted

2016 Cast Glass, Porcelian

The death of a loved one is something we will all experience in our lifetime and when it occurs it touches every aspect of life. Grief's effects ripple through communities. The glass rings are symbolic of grief's effects and creates a focus point in the room. This space was created to allow reflection and commemoration but also to show collective support, a network of how we, as people, affected by grief, are here for each other. In this piece I asked my community for the names and memories of people they have loved and lost. My focus has been on creating a reverential space and an action that allows visitors to remember loved ones and to quietly and reflectively honour them. I invited visitors to add to the piece by writing their passed loved ones names and memories of them on the blank porcelain pots I provided.
We are not alone in grief.

© Sarah Koetsier 2017